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Why do stainless steel flanges leak
Why do stainless steel flanges leak (1) flange installation errors, such as wrong, offset, wrong hole, opening, etc. , offset is the more common reason for flange leakage, the so-called offset is that the pipeline and Farlane is not vertical, non-concentric, the flange surface is not parallel, when the internal media pressure exceeds the load pressure of the gasket, there will be flange leakage. (2) the use temperature of flange refers to the medium temperature and the external use temperature. As a result of the thermal expansion and cold contraction of the fluid medium, bolt expansion or contraction, so that there will be gaps in the washer, the medium will leak through the pressure. If the medium in the pipeline
connected by the flange is relatively low/high and the external service temperature is relatively high/low, the flange will be affected by the dual effects in the use process, resulting in leakage. (3) medium corrosion. Because the gasket is corroded by the corrosive medium for a long time, the gasket becomes chemical reaction, the gasket becomes soft, the compression force loses, the gasket fails in the flange connection, causing flange leakage.



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