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Knowledge of Mencius flange

Large flange, also known as high neck flange, is a kind of pipe, refers to the round pipe butt welding neck flange and transition flange. Large flange is not easy to deformation, good sealing, widely used. Suitable for pressure or temperature fluctuation of the pipeline or high temperature, high pressure, low temperature pipeline. The utility model has the advantages that the price is cheap, the nominal pressure does not exceed 2.5 mpa, and the utility model can be used for transporting expensive flammable and explosive media. The nominal pressure is about pn16mpa. Next, the staff of the large flange manufacturer will briefly introduce the installation sequence of the large flange. First, the inside and outside of stainless
steel fittings should be cleaned before connecting large flanges. Install a flange with grooved rings on the pipe to be connected. Large flange pipe ends shall be flanged at 90 degrees. After processing, the pipe port plane needs to be polished. After polishing should be vertical flat, no burr, knock, deformation and other phenomena, the nozzle need to use a special tool grinding round.

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