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Flange connection mode
1) the flange should have enough strength, when fastening should not deform. Flange cover should be smooth and clean, installation should be careful to remove oil and rust. (2) the gasket should have good oil resistance, aging resistance, elasticity and mechanical strength. Equipment should be connected according to the shape of the choice of different gasket section and size, and its correct placement. (3) the fastening force of stainless steel flange should be equal, the shrinkage of rubber pad should be controlled at left 1/3. Stainless steel flanges are in practice to be stopped in a normal manner and principle, applied to the quality andvalue type, and used and installed in accordance with normal operating specifications, there will be no quality and performance problems. The stainless steel flange is not a simple mechanical part in the general sense, but a mechanical product carrier with rich technical connotation.

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