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Hebei Mengzheng Pipe Fittings Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. is located in Xindian Industrial Zone, Mengcun County, Hebei province, east of Bohai Sea, south of Jinan, north of Beijing-tianjin, west of Beijing-shanghai high-speed rail, Beijing-fuzhou Expressway. It is 100 kilometers away from Port of Tianjin and 200 kilometers away from the capital international airport.
    The company mainly produces flanges, Mencius flanges, flanges manufacturers, with diameter flange, butt welding flange, blind flange, slip welding flange and other pipe fittings products. The market enjoys a high reputation. The company has non-destructive testing equipment, ultrasonic testing equipment, universal testing machine, impact testing machine, physical testing and chemical laboratory, forming a complete quality and safety testing system. Can fully meet the customer's testing requirements. Companies always adhere to the quality of survival, the continuous pursuit of good quality, and strive to create a“Meng Zheng” brand.
    Hebei mengzheng pipe fittings with its own rich technical strength and perfect production equipment, relying on the increasingly geographical conditions of rapid development and expansion, has developed into a large area, a variety of technical personnel, is the production of elbow series products enterprises. Perfect quality assurance system and scientific manufacturing process effectively ensure the quality of products. Hebei mengzheng pipe fittings with all the staff sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life visit guidance, create the future.
产品名称:So slip-on welding flange
So slip-on w
产品名称:A350LF2 flange
A350LF2 flan
产品名称:A105 flange
A105 flange
产品名称:Butt welding flange with neck
Butt welding
产品名称:So Neck Flange
So Neck Flan
产品名称:20 # neck flange
20 # neck fl
产品名称:Butt welding flange
Butt welding
产品名称:Butt welding flange
Butt welding
产品名称:Butt welding flange
Butt welding
产品名称:Blind Flange
Blind Flange
产品名称:Blind Board
Blind Board
产品名称:Eight blind plate flange
Eight blind
产品名称:Slip-on welding flange
Slip-on weld
产品名称:Slip-on welding flange
Slip-on weld
产品名称:Neck slip-on welding flange
Neck slip-on
产品名称:Large radius elbow
Large radius
产品名称:Stainless steel U-bend
Stainless st
产品名称:180 ° stainless steel welded pipe
180 ° stainl
产品名称:45 ° alloy welded elbow
45 ° alloy w
产品名称:20 # Standard Bend
20 # Standar
产品名称:Size of head
Size of head
产品名称:Size of head
Size of head
产品名称:Large head
Large head
产品名称:Stainless steel head
Stainless st
产品名称:Flange manhole for vertical lifting cap
Flange manho
产品名称:Stainless steel manhole
Stainless st
产品名称:Stainless steel tee
Stainless st
产品名称:Y-shaped tee
Y-shaped tee
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